Example project news

Enter a short summary (1-2 sentences) of the news article with the main information. This text has the function of a lead paragraph in a newspaper article. It will be visible in the list of news articles, and in the news notification.

This is the main text of your news article or event. Note: this text follows below the teaser on the page of the article or event; there is no need to repeat the teaser text.

Sub headings
For reader-friendliness, it is recommended to make sub headings in a longer text.

When copying text from other sources, it is recommended to use the “paste as plain text” function, to avoid a mishmash of formats. By clicking on the paste icon, you can toggle between normal paste and paste as plain text. Alternatively, it is possible to remove formatting with the broom icon. Note: It is not possible to preview unpublished news articles/events. In order to check what they look like, you need to publish them.

In order to add an in-text hyperlink, select the words, and click on the hyperlink icon. Then select the type of hyperlink you wish to create; Page, File, Folder, External URL or Email. For files and external URLs, please always choose the target “new window” from the drop-down box. Note: to avoid too many in-text hyperlinks, please remember that it is also possible to add hyperlinks and files to the article/event on the tab “Relations”.