Outputs and Results

The TESTED project will use a non-clinical focus to test the potential for IoT applications comparing three regions in the NPA area. It includes the mapping of current IoT infrastructure and use within each region to establish a comparative baseline; a review of stakeholder opinions of those engaged within the infrastructure as suppliers, stakeholders or end-users; identification of best practice; and, the development of a common but regionally flexible IoT strategy that will enable each region to support IoT Testbeds, and a process whereby such testbed projects (pilots) can be evaluated. the main output will be a STRATEGY, a BEST PRACTICE evidenced INFRASTRUCTURE and a PROCESS to support non-clinical IOT To illustrate this planned methodology and to operationalise the deliverables identified for this project, a specific focus on water management will be developed as a potential exemplar that, following the TESTED project, can be implemented and evaluated with funding from other sources.

The output from TESTED will be an easily replicable methodology for use in any other region and with any other public body.

Strategic Review of IoT in Healthcare

This report was written with the intention to summarise non-clinical IOT information and to assist with building a regionally flexible, non-clinical IOT strategy. It was a combined effort across partners offering a review of existing non-clinical IOT policy and exemplars within the partnership area. Specifically, it provides an operational definition of non-clinical IOT, the report considers the IOT non-clinical market and current country policies; examines some of the barriers and challenges when implementing non-clinical IOT; and illustrates progress across partner countries.lease provide a description of the product/service.

Non-Clinical IoT Strategy

A Strategy of best practice evidenced infrastructure and a process to support non-clinical IoT applications

Testbed Templates

Integration into public service processes Toolkit